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New to me, Cincinnati 2ML model 00


Jun 23, 2021
Hi all, I just bought a Cincinnati 2ML (serial #) 5J2U1Y-44 model # 00 it's a 1951 build year.
My question is there a way to disengage the gear driven coolant pump that's in the base of the machine? This machine hasn't ran in over a year, I'm re-wiring it for a VFD and need to drain all the oils and replace all the sight glasses, fill and test, the coolant sump looks like primordial ooze and what little is liquid is more like syrup, it's going to be a major chore to get it cleaned up and I want to get the machine up and running to make sure there are no other problems before tackling the sump. I've been looking for the correct model manual but have only found manuals for 1 model before or after but not for this exact one.