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New To Me TOS FNK25! Oil? Grease? Manual?


Mar 19, 2022
Good morning everyone! It's my first post here! I just put into my garage a nice TOS FNK-25 knee mill, and while when I got it, it was a disgusting grease covered mess, I have lovingly degreased it and coated the surfaces in boesheild T9.

But! I have some questions for you experts out there! Mine came equipped with the NMTB30 taper, so I am changing a bit of my tooling for that, but I noticed about 60 grease zerks, which I have been told should not be grease, but oil zerks. Is That true? Do I use ISO 68 or something similar? Grease anywhere?

Also, the head tilt is no problem, very easy to use, however the nod adjustment seems to be tightly frozen, I'm still poking around to see what is holding it up.

Biggest question of all, Does anyone have a copy of the manual? I have zero info on it, and after googling for hours, its just a bunch of dubious sites that want my credit card number before showing me a manual. Not gonna happen!

Many thanks to everyone!

RC Mech

Jul 21, 2014
Ontario, Canada
Most should be oil zerks on that machine. 68 way lube is fine.

The back gear will have an actual grease zerk at/near the top of the head, otherwise oil. I think all of those FNK’s were step pulleys so no Reeve’s drive to grease.

Is the head trammed? If the nod is square with the table but won’t budge I wouldn’t dick with it.