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New to the Forum, New Van Norman 26 mill


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Hello All,

New here hoping to learn and share. Wanted to post some pics of the new mill. It is a 1940 Van Norman 26. I'm sure I will have a ton of questions along the way, hoping to do some disassembling and cleaning as time allows.

Thanks for looking.


F9130708-940E-4920-9CC4-502817AD174B_4_5005_c.jpg B9A2D3E0-DD84-473D-BEAF-74E6BDEF9EEE_4_5005_c.jpg 9A3FE52D-F88C-40F0-BFD9-AB3A03C4F631_4_5005_c.jpg 6BEBEE8B-096B-404A-B073-BE10E2238D0F_4_5005_c.jpg
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