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Newbie with a Fanuc OM, Post Processor, needs to be tweaked


Apr 23, 2011
19970 DE USA
My Fanuc OM, Post Processor, needs to be tweaked, so I don't need to edit each program each time a new program is written. The attached file "line 4098g-code" shows the program as is; the attached file "line 97 & 98 removed" shows the program as I would like it to be with lines 4097 & 98 removed and add feed rate to 1st line (see the "F12."). There are a few commands need to be added in the command safety line. The last attached file is the post processor that I am currently using.

2nd Edit: I do not think this is the issue, between the "[ & ]", read below:
[[After studying the PP, I believe if you look at lines 27 & 28 in the PP, you will see the lines I point to are what I THINK, is the area of the PP to change, I need a 2nd opinion, please.

The line 28 in the PP talks about "Rapid Move n,rapid_move,zr", this is the only line that seemed possible, but considering how some of the names & abbreviations the PP is written with, I may not of found the area that needs to be edited at all.]]

2nd Edit: After reading closer what line 5 describes, referencing to "M06" this needs to be changed to reference to "M05". This "M05" is before the area that needs to be changed. This is new pic "PicPostProcessorLine5" it is hi-lighted in green, shows line 5.

The application has a hi-speed 220v (spindle with collets) bolted to the Bt-40 spindle, no ATC will be used, I plan to "touch off" and set the "tool offset" each time there is a tool change. I have asked the machine builder about this application, his response was that it was like a broaching application, don't want the BT-40 spindle to move, but need all the other feathers to work. Parameter 024.2 = 0, (this does not check the RPM of BT-40 spindle to see if up to speed before feed will start) is the only parameter that required a change.

Many thanks, all suggestions are warmly welcomed!

Edit: add pic of PP line 27 (notepad line 163), so no need to download PP.


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I have found some information that shows my early post needs more information to understand what is occurring in the background, and that is to set line 26 to yes in the Post Processor "debug" so additional data is displayed. I have saved a similar program as in the early past with PP debug on showing all that is going on in the same area of the program.
There are nested areas that have more than 1 number that hint at what is controlling that line of code. Like in the following:
N2963 G90 G54 X-.2003 Y-4.5915
*************3 - 14. Tool length compensation*************
N2964 G43 H02 Z1. M08
*************40. Start of operation*************

The line with the *********s show what is going on in the background for line N2964 the (3 - 14. Tool length compensation) is being referenced. The attached pic (PostP_D Bug line 2963) shows the code in the rest of the program. The other pic (PostP line 3 to 14) is line 3 to 14 of the Post Processor, with the description of what line 3 does and what line 14 does. This is what I have found so far.

Many thanks, I welcome suggestion as to how to move forward.

Edit: What about a "Null tool change" (change from 3 to 4 in PP)?? Thanks!


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