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Nice 1999 Haas VF-4D package for sale. 10k rpm, brushless, under power


Cast Iron
Jan 16, 2015
Vinemont, Al
I have a very nice 1999 Haas VF-4D for sale. MFD 6/1999, less than 8800 spindle hours since new. It has been an excellent machine for me.
10k rpm 20HP Vector drive, CAT 40 spindle, brushless servos, 20 tool ATC, 4th axis card(no rotary), Pcool, quick code, rigid tapping, chip auger, remote jog, etc.
Located in a small, climate controlled job shop.
Clean, rust free, and regularly maintained. It originally came from a company in California that ran aluminum, sold by High Country sales to a company in Madison, Al in 2011?
I have all of the paperwork from them, including backlash tests, etc.
I bought this machine in 2013 for 44k.
It has mainly run aluminum and plastics since it has been here, never used hard or abused since I have owned it.
It is as nice as any I have seen of this vintage, and is as clean under the way covers as it is on the outside.
There is quite a bit of paint missing only in the pan of the machine. I imagine that is due to the fact the chip auger wasn't added until 2011.
I have owned it since 2013, and it has been reliable and accurate. I have always kept up with the maintenance.
Counterbalance cylinder replaced around 2014, spindle belt, drawbar, cooling fan in 2018, new plexiglass windows a couple of years ago, etc.
I have inspection report from when it was sold to the previous owner I bought it from. I have the original brochure from the machine dealer to the first owner.
Spindle time is quite a bit higher than motion time due to the fact we run a full spindle warm up on Monday morning, and an abbreviated warm up daily.
X axis is a little louder than I think it should be, but it makes good parts and ball bar tests are good. Haas tech told me not to worry about it when I bought it, and it has been running strong for 6 years.
I have been tempted to change the X axis thrust washers just to see.
I will include a roll of way wiper material, a roll of door gasket material, and spare spindle belt.
I have latest ball bar tests from 2018 available.
I am asking $24k. At my price, I will include the following: A very nice D688 Kurt vise, Haimer 3d taster with holder, Fowler tool setting block, roughly 15 CAT 40 tool holders(including a couple of nice milling chucks),an Abanaki? disc style oil skimmer, wash down hose, 1/8 and 1/16 parallel sets(china),RS232 cable, and a few other odds and ends.
I have a new machine in route and would like to get this one out of the shop in the next few weeks. I am willing to negotiate some, but will keep as an extra spindle rather than give away.
The primary reason for selling is it is our only machine without Renishaw probing, and we write probing cycles into our progams regularly.
You are welcome to come check out in person. Contact me to schedule. Machine will be paid for in full prior to being moved. A certified, insured, rigging company will be required to remove from my floor and load. I have the original shipping bracket available to lock it down for the move.
If it sells prior to my new machine showing up, I will have my rigger load on your truck on my dime at the time they will be here to unload the new machine.
Time is current as of this morning, but will go up as it is still in use.
Machine is Located in Vinemont, AL 35179
No matter what I do, pictures come out upside down for me. Shoot me an email at [email protected] for more pics that are right side up.


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Cast Iron
Jan 16, 2015
Vinemont, Al
I like your method of saving floor space, mounting the machine upside down on the ceiling. I'm sure it helps with chip evacuation too!

I tried importing pics right side up and upside down. No matter what I did they uploaded upside down. I got sick of messing with it and gave up.