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Nice Deckel FP1came in the shop

Hi Peter,

back to the main topic, thanks for posting the photos of the SKC prep and application. I've used SKC products a few times, the guys who run that business (two brothers?) are helpful and answer questions by phone and email. They also sell small quantities to ordinary people without any issues.

I'd be interested to see some photos after your repairs are finished, meaning the SKC has been machined/ground/scraped.

The digital scale is nice. I have a 0.1g resolution digital scale that I use when mixing small quantities of 2k paint. I didn't know that 0.01g scales could be had cheaply. I just looked, and on Ebay they are 24 Euros for a new 500g/0.01g scale, including shipping. I don't think I'll be able to resist buying one.

Yes Some pictures


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