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No LCD, no boot. Sodick edm. Solved, bad keyboard.


Cast Iron
Aug 6, 2006
Machine control was stuck on the WinNT boot screen. Briefly showed a CMOS checksum error and a Press F2 for setup. (So is the CMOS battery dead?) Does anyone have the restore sequence after replacing the CMOS battery?
Reboot, same issue.
Third reboot, no LCD at all now, no LCD backlight. Suspect the LCD, or backlight is not getting voltage.
There is no -5v & -12v Leds lit on the PC. Should there be? I can find no -5v & -12v supply, yet. The +5v & +12v are lit, and the PC seems to be running. Keypad status shows A. The red PC Led blinks for a long time and then goes off, all the yellow/green Leds are lit, along with lots of others.
Can I attach a VGA display to the 15pin connector? Is there a jumper to switch to the external display?

Does anyone have a basic wire diagram for a Sodick LN-1 control?
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