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Norton Flypress


Jul 8, 2022
First of all, thanks for accepting me on this fascinating forum.

We have been shipping anvils and Flypress’s to the US and Canada for perhaps the last fifteen years or so.

Last year, we had the opportunity to acquire the entire assets of the last remaining English Flypress manufacturers, T Norton.

Norton had been manufacturing Flypress’s for perhaps the last 120 years or so from their base in Birmingham UK.

Our intention is to save this iconic brand and search out a new owner in the US who has the manufacturing base to begin production once again.

Particularly in the US Blacksmithing community, there is an insatiable demand for these presses but also within the jewellery sector and quite specifically in aerospace as well.

Should anyone be interested in an acquisition or indeed know of any US organisations that have the capability to reinvigorate the Norton brand, then please drop me a line.