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Norton's "For Grinder Hands Only" Wheel Dressing Manual


Diamond; Mod Squad
Mar 27, 2005
Northwest Indiana, USA
I was looking through some of the hanging folders of papers, reference materials and various other things I've collected throughout my days working in the machining trade and ran across this little 20'ish page booklet. I remember getting it a very long time ago but had forgotten I'd even had it. With some of the questions and things about wheel dressing that seem to come up fairly often I figured I'd ask if anyone would like a copy. It does not appear to be available anywhere in PDF form. It is a pretty good guide and answers a lot of those questions like how fast to traverse a diamond, the effects of varying that traverse speed, diamond placement, dos and don'ts, etc. Most of us guys that have been grinding a while won't find much new to them in there but for beginner to intermediate guys it might be helpful.

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Jul 5, 2009
Munster, In. USA
Very Nice!
Clicked on the "print" icon and the file was automatically sent to the "Downloads" folder on the desktop.
Open the file with Adobe and Voila!
Printed it out and saved the pdf with some other Norton files.
Thank You!