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Sep 16, 2005
Indiana, USA
Hi Folks,

Sorry it has taken so long to finally put this together.
This sticky-post is intended as a collection of links to South Bend Forum threads which, for one reason or another, have been judged exceptional by the members here. This post is our means of keeping these threads within easy reach -- kind of a "best of" collection.

16" SB Spindle Bearing Question(s) - This thread, by 'Henro' delves into the intricacies of South Bend spindle bearing re-fitting. While the subject lathe is a 16", many of the principles apply to others sizes as well.

Heavy 10 serpentine belt?? - This thread explores the possibility of replacing that slip-prone leather drive belt with a modern, automotive-type 'serpentine' belt. A highly-recommended upgrade.

Don't delay... do the Serpentine Belt Fix today! - Continuing in the same vein, this more recent thread offers feedback from SB lathe owners who have upgraded to the serpentine belt.

Bed leveling - Practical advice on how to avoid turning tapers on your South Bend (when you don't want a taper, that is!)

Machining A Chuck Adapter - Getting a new chuck for your South Bend? If so, you may need to machine a new adapter plate for it. This thread gives step-by-step instructions.

Making a new Cross Slide Acme Screw - Just what the title says. A very thorough description of the process, from threading the screw, to engraving the index collar.

Thread Dial Kits, any interest? - Forum member Gary Hansen takes it upon himself to provide kits for making your own threading dial. I believe the kits are sold out (for now?), but this outstanding thread remains to provide invaluable information on every aspect of thread dial theory, and machining.

Spindle Wick Discussion - This thread concerns that most mysterious and elusive of South Bend headstock elements, the oil feed wick. Must reading for would-be headstock restorers.

Reconditioning Ways - Here it is, warts and all, the definitive thread on re-scraping your lathe bedways.

Model "C" to "A" Conversion - Is it practical to convert your changegear-driven model C (or B) lathe to a quick-change A? Here is just one of many good threads on the subject.

Repairing Half-Nuts - Okay, it's actually from a Yahoo! forum post... Brett Flemming describes a unique method of replacing worn out half-nut threads. And it worked, for at least one SB forum member.

How To Remove A Stuck Chuck - Excellent tutorial from forum-member 'Clemson' describes the right way to remove that stubborn chuck from your threaded spindle.

What have you made for your lathe? - Not to be confused with "What have you made with your lathe?", this thread is for showcasing gadgets, upgrades and/or improvements you have made to your South Bend.

Machining the MLA-23 Toolpost - If you're looking for a quick-change toolpost for your smaller SB lathe, but don't like the bulkiness of the Aloris-type post, here is a thread describing how to machine the MLA-23 quick-change toolpost, available in kit-form from Metal Lathe Accessories.

Machining A T-Slotted Cross Slide - The t-slotted cross slide, in addition to providing the normal functionality of the stock SB cross slide, extends the working surface completely to the rear end of the slide, providing t-slots and additional tapped holes for securing workpieces. An excellent project for the 9"/10K and 10L lathes.

Apron Rebuild - Forum-member "beckley23" rebuilds a worn out apron for a 13". Very well documented.

SBLmobiles - Jason B. serves up some very interesting pictures of original South Bend salesman's cars and demo vehicles.

New 10L Headstock Oilers - Don't be fooled by the title... this thread covers much more than oilers. It's an in-depth account of a 10L refurb from one of our resident experts. Scads of excellent pictures!


Do you know of a SB Forum thread that you think should be included here? Simply post your nomination to the following thread:

Noteworthy Threads

Thanks to everyone for their continued participation!

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