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Number 5 turret lathe beginner repair questions


Aug 22, 2017
We have I believe to be a Warner Swasey 5 turret lathe. I have a couple beginner questions regarding this lathe as I’d like to fix it up a bit.
-It has a decent amount of a leak coming from the gearbox cover? I’d like to take the cover off, RTV it and slap it back on but I’m afraid of doing that without properly knowing what would be involved.
-The cross slide gets hard to turn when close to the spindle (Z). In X it is quite a bit loose, I’m assuming a ton of backlash. I don’t know how or if these axes can be fixed. Thanks.

Richard King

Jul 12, 2005
Cottage Grove, MN 55016
I used to rebuild and loved running them. Take a couple of photo's of it so we now what vintage it is. I would buy some gasket material and make a gasket and not use Silicone or use it between the gasket and the cover. We used to use Permatex to do that. A .030" gasket makes it easier to remove it next time. Silicone plugs up everything. The machine is probably worn near the chuck and the last owner tightened the gibs in the worn area and when it moves out of the wear it gets tight. The opposite is probably what is happening on the cross-slide. It's easy to make a gasket using a couple of ball peen hammers and a utility knife.