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Nylon part RFQ needed. Part is .500" x .250" x 1.25" (rectangle)


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Mar 11, 2019
I have a nylon part that one of my customers is struggling to find a home for. They asked me to keep asking around.

One of my swiss shops with 20mm citizens said he doesnt have enough live tools.

The other swiss shop has 32mm citizens and a fixed headstock machine. I dont know which one they would run it on but they need collets that are $1000 up front.

I do not know if anyone would have a better setup on a different machine. I will send over a print if you pm me. QTY is 250/500 pcs.

If anyone wants to quote this part pm me. Tolerances arent that bad and the customer bought them last in 2021 for about $5 each.

Thanks to all who took a look at this for me. Some werent the right fit, but a few were. We issued a P.O. already so this RFQ is now closed. I am sure there will be more in the future.