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Mar 21, 2006
Joe ,sounds like you caught it in time and are in good hands. Catching these things early is so important especially as you get older.Best wishes for a speedy recovery and don't let the depression monster get you, BTDT. Sounds like you are an active guy mentally and phisicaly and that is half the battle.

My younger brother had a small sore on his chest about 20yrs ago.He went to two local doctors(to him) and both said for him to watch it and see if it changed then check back.Turned out it was a melanoma. Not satisfied he went to the VA hospital and a young Dr looked at it and told him they would have to operate on it. He asked if they could do it within a couple of weeks. He said "no we will do it tomorrow! If you come back in a few weeks I may not be able to help you".They operated and removed some lymph nodes and he has been healthy since. He was a helicopter mechanic in Viet Nam ,68, and told me that he had worked on the agent orange sprayers and they didn't really pay attention to being very careful handling it.Maybe caused it maybe not.

My older brother was just diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer a month ago. He has never smoked or used any tobacco products. A few years ago he had cancer in his lower jaw which they treated with radiation and apparently cured it. My sister told me he was on chemo therapy. So I went to see him last friday and at lunch asked if the chemo messed up his eating. He said no he wasn't on that any more instead he was on proton therapy and he thinks that it will cure him. I sure hope so.