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O/T Publicity campaign for Machinery / Lathe


Cast Iron
Apr 13, 2006
June 5 is Daddy's Day in Elsinore at the Technical Museum. This year we also celebrated the Year of Industrialization.

My contribution was demonstrating an oldish 30" lathe (she and I are about the same age), making a series of 1/2 inch bolts.

Most visitors were former machinists but a few young people, girls as well as boys, showed genuine interest. I hope they saw the light!

A very satisfactory experience which I can recommend to all users of this forum. Learned a lot from talking to the grown-ups as well as to the kids. Had a few interesting machinery offers as well, but alas! No more space in my basement.

Hope to repeat next year. Would like to hear from you if you have done similar things. Regards, Fusker