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O/T weed and feed recommendations

Joe Miranda

Oct 19, 2004
Elyria Ohio
I have tried several weed and feed products in the past and have been generally unimpressed (Scott's and such).

The last two seasons my son-in-law's lawn care company treated my grass and wow - results were fantastic with one problem, it caused my fruit trees to stop producing (limited fruit and bad quality -even though I clearly marked out the drip area with stakes and landscape paint so the tech would stay away from the trees. After the first year I moved the stakes out another five feet all the way around and still had bad fruit production.

So this year I told my son-in-law to hold off on the treatment and let me try something else in order to let my fruit trees start producing again. Any recommendations on self-applied weed and feed that you have experience with not harming fruit production?
If I was to hazard a guess it would be they used a product with 2,4-D when your trees were blooming. Just go with the feed portion (fertilizer) until you get fruit set on all your trees. Or just skip the herbicide portion altogether, a good lawn shouldn't have much problems with weeds anyway.
I gave up on the manicured lawn a long time ago (especially now that I have 5 acres of just grass to mow). Overseed the whole thing with a white clover, fixes nitrogen and feeds the bees!
Forget spreading weed killer on the whole lawn.

Last Spring I aerated (rented a machine) and spread triple mix, did my lawn ever take off!

The grass is so hardy that few weeds can push they're way in but when they do I just use some spot control Roundup or whatever.

Forewarned tho, you'll havta cut your grass every week!
Many common weeds like poor soil and "extreme" soil, typically "sour" (acidic) soil.

Spread pulverized limestone if your soil is too acidic,and a lot of weeds will drop right out of sight. I think dandelions will tolerate everything as far as soil conditions, as well as many weedkillers,
Yep. healthy grass = few weeds. I never use the combination products and now (5 years) will never use a selective weed killer. You are lucky you didn't kill your fruit trees. The directions likely say not to spread it under desirable plants or trees.

I have two weeds (Ranunculous and Woodland Violet) that require a specific expensive weed killer. Guess what? After 3 years of meticulous attention to application rates and frequency, sure they vanished, but came back each year and not from seed; never did get rid of them. Total waste of money and with collateral damage to other plants. PITA. So I started pulling them out by hand including the roots. All gone after two years.

If your lawn is way gone, spray the whole thing with Roundup (not "Roundup plus or any product that dos not contain "just Glysopahte and inert ingredients", recondition the soil base and resow.
I have the finest lawn in the neighborhood. But its probably all of 15 x 15 ft. So EZ to take care of. If I had a big lawn I doubt I would do much at all.

But I put down corn gluten meal every spring, right about now (Wash DC area) once the azaleas get going. You can read about corn gluten on your own. Its a byproduct of processing corn. When put down it serves as a pre-emergent that prevents crab grass and some other weeds. And also works as a fertilizer. It doesn't take care of everything, I still have to pull up some weeds now and again. But I have way less of a weed problem than any of my neighbors.

I buy a 25 lb bag and split with my neighbor. I put it down heavier than the directions suggest. Otherwise I'd have leftover corn gluten. Its non-toxic, you can even eat it if you are hungry. Too much won't kill anything either.

The neighborhood dogs all come to my yard when I'm out just to lay in my lush thick green grass. This stuff has worked really well for me. Its a pre-emergent, which means it prevents seeds from germinating. So get your grass seed sprouted before you put down corn gluten.

Corn gluten meal - Wikipedia

Espoma Organic Weed Preventer Plus Lawn Food | Espoma

There are other brands out there that are a little cheaper. I've used a couple different brands with good results from all of them.

I don't know where you are in OH, but I know that last year in SE MI, my fruit trees didn't make a single pear, and apples were greatly reduced. I don't believe in "lawn" fertilization.

We had a late frost.