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Oil Cooling Unit Problem (Doosan DNM 4500)


Jun 29, 2018
Hi all,

I searched the forum to make sure there isn't already a thread on this. I am fairly new at machine maintenance but I do have an electronics backgound with troubleshooting experience.

The Company that I work for has a Doosan DNM 4500 Mill that had been working fine until a few days ago. The external Oil Chiller (Kaukan) suddenly alarmed out during a production run.

The alarm is 2164.

I do not have a complete wiring diagram but I was able to determine how the chiller is normally started by the Doosan (relay KP06P) When I jumpered the appropriate terminals (Jumper accross relay KP06P contacts,) the chiller comes on with good pressure and temps.

There is an LED on the circuit board (300640-00581) that coresponds with the relay (KP06p) but that led never lights up. The same led is light almost continuous on a working machine (same model)

Nobody has been in the parameter settings and I do not have access to those settings at this time.

I'm hoping that someone can help me find a source for a more complete service manual or any other helpful suggestions of things that I can check.

Thanks in advance!