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Ok, here is a weird one.


Oct 8, 2018
I have a part we are about to make for our customer, it is a glued up of macor and titanium stacked with alot of small features and gaps inside, with a non cylindrical shape thru the entire stack.

Customer brought up the fact that reweld and contaminates on the inside of the parts is detrimental to their usage of the part.

Older versions of this part we lapped the inside because it was just a round shape thru the entire stack.

Is there anything we can soak the assembly in that can protect the surfaces we are not cutting from contaminates, but also be removed from inside the part without exotic solvents?

It's a weird one.

And a second question brought up that I don't know the answer too.

Can we run a 1 micron or less filter on our flushing water? Sodick AG600L wire edm machines.

PS. before someone asks, tolerances prevent us from cutting all the parts and stacking them after the fact.
Reweld can be minimized with a few skims. But might not be cost effective.

WEDMs with built in filtering are not designed for sub-micron filtering, or even anything below 10 micron. The tanks, pumps, valves, & hoses just are not engineered to be that clean. They will shed dirt forever into your clean water.

You are looking for 'lab' water quality. WEDMs are more like a dirty creek next to a strip mine.
Good enough for flushing.
Totally right on reweld, I was more seeking solutions to material contamination on the macor and glue in the assembly.
Hi nlancaster:
They're sure not making it easy for you, are they!

At least Macor is non-porous, so the theory is that whatever you paint on will not be absorbed into the surface, but I've found whenever I mark a freshly cut Macor surface with a Sharpie, I have the Devil's very own time trying to get the mark off again...like it's been "absorbed" into the surface.
Testing will be in order...lots of testing!

Can you enlist the help of the customer to find a solution?
After all, it's THEIR problem, but they want to make it your problem.

A weirdass idea that may be hopeless but who knows??
Embed the whole damned assembly in Cerrobend, cut the shapes, and melt the Cerrobend away again.
Worth a discussion at least.
What's attractive about it, is that you can be careless where you get the Cerrobend...it's conductive and will wire cut, so if you blop it where it doesn't belong, at least it won't stall the burn.
It also doesn't shrink so it won't pull your assembly apart as it solidifies and it melts in hot water.


You may want to look at the semiconductor industry - this is something that is an an issue when laser cutting semiconductor wafers - there is a protective coat that is applied to stop re-depostion. Many are wafer soluble, so that may not help, but contacting someone like Brewer Science may give some guidance. Be prepared for semconductor pricing though.....
We sometimes have to use molybdenum wire on our old DS-2 WEDM if our customers are planning on using the parts for vapor deposition. Don't run that wire through anything with a wire chopper, that moly wire eats them for lunch....


You CAN purchase finer micron rated filters for your machine...I would recommend using the Mann + Hummel H34-1490/15 for your machine, which utilizes a synthetic fiber media (zero pre-coat time) and has a 1-Mircon filtration rating.

As for protecting the outside of your parts, the CRC SP-350 protectant suggested by Waakzaamheid is a good idea, but this can be a bit thicker and stickier like honey. You can also consider trying Dykem Layout Fluid on your parts that is applied with a brush. Dykem also sell a specific "cleaner/remover" product, but I've also found that Acetone always worked just fine and evaporates by itself. As suggested before, some testing is in order! :)


- Brian​

I will get with my guys here and the customer, some of these sound interesting especially the cerrobend. The cerrobend might solve another issue as well as part of this component is very delicate.

I think the biggest issue a few people are missing, there are internal areas that also need to be protected. So sadly I can't just peel it away it has to be removable from areas that cannot be accessed.