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Okuma DNC DT setup for Windows 7 computers


Feb 8, 2003
I have a 2005 Okuma MCV4020 with an OSP-E100M control and the DNC-DT option. Okuma has an instruction book on how to setup a Windows XP computer to communicate with the machine through Ethernet using an FTP site on the computer. I was able to set it up and it worked perfect. Eventually I upgraded to a Windows 7 computer. I asked our apps guy and he said it wasn't possible to use a Windows 7 computer to communicate with the machine. I figured how different could it be, it's communicating through an FTP site on the computer, so I gave it a try. I figured it out and it works just like the XP computer did. A few years passed since I setup the XP computer and I forgot most of what I did, so this time I wrote notes. I thought I'd share them in case anyone is in the same situation I was in.

Okuma MCV4020 DNC DT Setup Notes

Machine Side:

Set machine IP address in the macman mode setup.
Enter macman mode setup by pressing macman, page down, setup.
Set DHCP to no use.
Enter IP address and subnetwork address for machine.

Set communication parameters in parameter mode.
Locate macman parameters page.
Press DNC-T key.
Set TCO communication settings for:
Remote Host - Server IP Address
Host Name - Server Name (computer name)
User Name - macman (lowercase letters only)
Password - macman (lowercase letters only)
Note these parameters are power off parameters.

Computer Side:

Setup for Windows 7 OS

Create a user with administrator privileges
User name - macman
Password - macman

Create a folder where programs are to be transfered from.
Enable sharing for folder.
Communications work with Public Folder Sharing turned off.
Communications work with Password Protected Sharing turned on.

Allow FTP to communicate through Windows Firewall (or active firewall).
Enter Windows Firewall through Control Panel.
Click Allow a program of feature through Windows Firewall
Check FTP Server

Setup Static IP address for computer.
Enter Network and Sharing Center through Control Panel.
Select local area connection under Connections.
Select Properties.
Select Internet Protocol Version 4 and click properties.
Check Use the following IP address.
Enter IP address.
Enter Subnet mask.
Enter Default Gateway.
Check use the following DNS server addresses.
Enter Preferred DNS server.
Enter Alternate DNS server.

Install IIS and FTP if not installed.
Enter Programs and Features through Control Panel.
Select Turn Windows features on or off.
Expand Internet Information Services.
Expand FTP Server.
Check FTP Service.
Expand Web Management Tools, also under IIS.
Check IIS Management Console
Click OK

Create FTP Site.
Enter Administrative Tools through Control Panel.
Select Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager.
Expand Local Host.
Right Click on Sites and select Add FTP Site.
Enter FTP Site Name.
Select Shared Folder that was created eariler.
click next
IP Address All Unassigned
Port 21
Enable Virtual Host Names should be unchecked
Check Start FTP site automatically
Check Allow SSL
SSL Certificate Not Selected
Click Next
Check Authentication Basic
Authorization Allow Access to Specified Users
Enter macman
Check Permissions Read and Write
Click Finish

Configure FTP Site through IIS manager.
Enter Administrative Tools through Control Panel.
Select Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager.
Expand Local Host.
Click on FTP Site.
Select FTP Directory Browsing.
Set Directory Listing Stlye to Unix.
Click Apply

Make sure FTP Site is running.
Hello, i have 1 okuma v4020 machine that runs dnc-t but i don't know the parameters

Hello, i have 1 okuma v4020 machine that runs dnc-t but i don't know the parameters set to transfer data for it can you gonna guide to use the data for me,please !!!
I cannot find out where is the IP setting location,
Please give me something more visually.
And if someone is professional on Okuma in Vietnam, please contact to me.

Thank you!
Old thread but I have to say, thanks for the info!

Some extra help, for whomever stumbles upon this thread next:
On OSP-U10M, to open network settings on the machine:
Open "Parameters", type "PEDT" and press enter. Wait a second and the network settings will open.

If you're working with a used machine and you're trying to figure out the password in the network settings on the machine from the previous owner, you can download Wireshark on your PC to monitor the network traffic on whatever LAN connection the CNC connects to the computer through, and the FTP request from the CNC machine will show the unencrypted username and password on the machine when it tries to connect.