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Okuma Howa Millac 5va


Jun 20, 2021
Hi, I'm new to Practical Machinest so I hope I'm not asking the wrong questions in the wrong place. I want to start my own small machine shop and are searching the loacal (South African) market for some older strong machines. Buying new reputable machine brands is not an option for me. Too expensive.The market is flooded with cheap Chinese and Taiwanese brands but I won't even consider buying one of them. I came across a late 80's Okuma Howa Millac 5VA for about R400 000 ($28000). The machine is in good shape. My question is if it would be a sensable purchase. How capable is the machine programming wise. I've worked on CNC machines for 16 years now but the oldest is a 2007 Haas VF4. Our newest adition in the shop is a new Mazak VTC 520/30 with a fourth axis. Can the Okuma be upgraded to accept a memory stick and a fourth axis? Should I rather search for something newer?