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Okuma Lathe Y-axis Out. Having trouble setting zero. (Okuma OPS-U100L)

Dec 28, 2022

Running an OKUMA Lathe with OPS-U100L controller
Running my program I am breaking center drills on a program that has run before, found y axis out (it was crashed about a month ago). I have been able to move it to the correct position but cant seem to get it teach or set to the new position. Anyone at my plant that would know how is off until the new year, so Ill see if I can find an answer here.

I have a indicator in the Spindle and tramming the taper of the collet holder to zero. Using the Y-Axis Mode/Pulse Handle buttons. (Photo A/B)
After that I go into Zero-Set and Cal "0" to teach the position. The number in the controller does change. (Photo C/D) Next is where the issue seem to be coming from.
(I have tried teaching both YS and YI and neither have had success, and the A-turret is the one that is out and the one I have been teaching).

Afterwards to get out of Y-Axis mode I am using G136 in MDI as pressing the Y-Axis mode button does nothing and in my G-code booklet for the controller G136 is Y-Axis mode cancel. Once I do this however the turret moves back to where it was before, though the number in y zero register stays at the new value. Even if I cycle the turret around and bring it back down the Y-axis is out the same as before teaching it.

Not sure if there's a parameter or am doing something incorrectly in setting it.

Any help here would be appreciated.

Thank you


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Dec 28, 2022
Looking at it I think the issue is the Turret angle is out and adjusting the Y is just a bandaid. Turning on G138 after the tool call and after drilling before returning X-axis home seem to be working for now, to get the parts out of the door before looking into re-indicating the turret angle.