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Okuma LB15 EC Relay information


Apr 27, 2022
I just purchased a LB15, late 80s, and was working when it left the shop I purchased it from. Have gotten wired up and when powered up get an EC Relay 106 alarm right away. The other thing I thought weird was the screen would be choppy. I am wondering if it was wired up correctly and/or I have a tripped relay. I know nothing about this lathe or the locations of the electrical internals. So I think I need to check to make sure the high leg is in the correct terminal first, and secondly need to check to make sure the machine is set up for 208v 3 phase and not 440v. And also need to find out where the ec relays are to make sure something is not tripped. No service techs in my area, and before having to pay one to come from out of state would like to check the basics first...its gotta be something stupid. Any help on where the locations are of the ec relays, the location of the set up bus bars for the voltages, and how the machine phases should be wired up in the main power switch would be great and awesome. I have some manuals but absolutely no help. Thanks Yall.

Dan from Oakland

Sep 15, 2005
Oakland, CA
You should have confirmed incoming power requirements before ever applying power to the machine. Suggest you go back thru your manuals or machine wiring diagrams and sort out the power issue. If you don't have a wiring diagram or schematics, get on the phone to Okuma and see if they are available.