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Okuma lNC8 with 5020L 539 Alarm-B Fixed Cycle No Spec.


Mar 14, 2023
My program ran until it needs to change tools. It is an Okuma LNC8 lathe with a 5020L OSP. It throws an alarm at N96539 Alarm-B Fixed Cycle No Spec. . This program code was generated by Fusion 360. It is at the end of a roughing cycle. I am a newbie to Okuma's. I have tried to find this in the manual.

N93 G80

N94 G0 X2.8 Z-0.2233

N95 Z0.1969
N96 G180 <<<<<-------------------
N97 G97 S895 M3 M42

N98 M9
N99 G0 X6.992 Z5.

N100 M1
N101 M6 T0707
N102 M8

N103 G95

N104 G97 S895 M3 M42

N105 G0 X2.8 Z0.2909

N106 G50 S3000

N107 G96 S656 M3 M42

N108 G0 Z-3.3456

N109 G1 X1.732 F0.03937

N110 X2.8

N111 G0 Z-2.8506

N112 G1 X1.8649 Z-3.3181 F0.03937

N113 G90 G18 G3 X1.732 Z-3.3456 I-0.0665 K0.0665

N114 G1 X-0.188

N115 X2.8

N116 G0 Z0.2909

N117 G97 S895 M3 M42

N118 M9

N119 G0 X6.992 Z5.

N120 M2


Mar 14, 2023
I guess no one had interest in this, but how I solved it was I removed the G180 and M6. I then added G0 X6.991 Z9.552 to my home position and it worked. The alarm went away after removing the G180. Fusion added the G180.