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Okuma OSP200L, Genos Lathe, milling a circular pocket in soft jaws with an axial live tool


Nov 21, 2002
I am using an axial, 3/8" em, and want to mill a Ø.672" pocket @ X0.0, in my soft jaws about 0.02" deep.
(as a test)
Any help will be appreciated!
Non working program follows:
G00 X20. Z20.
T0909 (3/8 4FL AXIAL M TOOL)
M146 M15
SB=3000 M13
G00 Z.1 X.297 (math= Ø.672-.375 = .297 [correct?] )
G101 Z-.02 F5.
G102 C0. L0.297 (??)
G01 Z.1 F50.
G00 Z1.
G00 X20. Z20.
What am I doing wrong? It must be the L in the G102....I think....

Simple ask, but since it is OKUMA there is NO information on programming (that is actually worth a shit!) ANYWHERE on the web, and no help line for immediate application problems.

Thanks all,

NM, I figured it out.
g00 z.1 x.3
g101 z-0.02 f5.
G103 C180. L.15
G103 C0. L.15

Thanks anyways!
Hmmm, what made it change to G103? Technically it should've been L.1485 correct? I hate Okuma and their nuances about everything, specially program restart.
Uh, not spamming nor do I have time to waste here. You are both obviously fanboys of the PIA the OSP300 control is. With all it's advantages, which I don't deny, program restart for one has some stupid set of rules that are dumber than me. If Y is being used, then it must be already turned ON, if C is used, the same. If neither is used, you guessed it, both OFF. Except if you are at an NT/tool change line, then OFF is OK. This pisses me off and doesn't make sense, why have me put the machine in such a specific state, when the M-codes in the program already turn ON/OFF what is needed? Don't even get me started on G20HP=4, which almost always alarms and I wind up running G206 or manually returning the head home! Ugh...