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Okuma probing and measuring question


Hot Rolled
Mar 7, 2012
Ormond Beach
We want to look into probing a measuring using our Okuma m560 for verification of a cut part. We are doing it on our Hermles and want to incorporate this into this machine as well.

We program the probe routines in Cimatron and the probe creates a report of the surface deviation from the selected CAD point.

Is anyone doing this? I want to see what is possible because its 2k to unlock this feature on my seat of Cimatron.
Game changer

I am using the built in Probing with my Renishaw on the 560 and 460-5ax Works great Comping tools. Fusion even has part alignment but its a little clunkier than on the Haas.

Uses the renishaw easyset macros. My marposs uses the Okuma macro with a library file making the call from renishaw M codes.