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Okuma Program Scheduler pauses between programs, is that normal?

Ryan at Sparrow

Nov 2, 2022
North California, USA
Trying to get a program scheduler worked out on a Genos L3000 with a p300 control, its mostly good to go except I have to press cycle start between each program / run.

If I have a King.min and Queen.min with an m01 and m02 in it only and the .SDF program calls:

PSELECT King,,,3

PSELECT Queen,,,3


I'd like it to run the king program 3 times and then the queen program 3 times without me having to press cycle start 6 times. Ive also tried replacing the M02 with M30. Obviously M99 doesn't work here. I've also done the variable incrementing method in the SDF but I like the Q codes better. Any ideas? Or is this their intended way to run?


Jun 29, 2022
We use schedule programs in all our Okuma lathes. We don't do any repeats though. The program call is repeated in the schedule program each time it is run. I wrote a C# executable that lets the operator scan a barcode tag for program and specify how many parts, start part number on tray for robot, etc. Then it builds the schedule program. My 50yo brain is trying to remember if we had this issue on a new machine once. I think it was a parameter that made it behave the way you are describing but I honestly can't remember.