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Okuma Turret Mounted Tool Variable

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Aug 13, 2009
Western Australia
Hi Everyone,

I am looking for, if it exists for access, any system variable that denotes what tool is mounted in the positions on the turret. I can see it from the tool data table, I can mount/ unmount all normally. I would just like to be able to read what tool is present at any time. I can read the A turret mounted tool number using VTTLN, but it does not work for the lower turret from what I have tried so far. I don't know if there are some preparatory codes that I need prior to trying to read it. I was hoping to use VTTLN[1] for the station number and get the data out, but it does not work.

It is a P300 control on a U5000 Multus. It's a twin spindle, twin saddle specification with a 12 station turret on the lower, MA spindle upper. I need to be able to read this to simplify a tool changing macro for the lower turret. We use tool life management on both turrets.

Any help, guidance or leads on this would be greatly appreciated.

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