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Old Microval


Sep 20, 2023
I have an old Microval CMM from the nineties and it still looks new. However as with all these old CMM's my airlines are brittle. I am replacing them but I had a group break together and I am looking for any kind of schematic. Can anyone point me in the right direction please?
I also am in need of the B&S Microval manual. Same exact thing the airlines are crumbled and I have to replace them among other things in the manual.
Any help would be great.

[email protected] is a good email for me
I don't think that the drive-by guys are willing to expend the energy on a search here. Too bad - they might find that which they seek:rolleyes5:
I did a search per his advice and this is the only thread I could find. I used to frequent. This forum for years before I retired from my machining career. I couldn’t find my old acct
I have used Mc Master # 5108K42 for tube, replace one line at a time.
I have used an exacto knife to remove and curved forceps to install.
You can rotate the air bearings by hand to access some of the fittings.
I wish this machine still had them in place so I could see where they are routed but they are mostly crumbled and gone. I’m hoping someone has the schematic or the machines manual to help me out.
Not mine, it's just a simple trick that works better than the crappy search function on most sites.

Go to your favorite search engine, I hope it's not the assholes at google, and type in

site: (the place you want to search)space(search words)

and most search engines will look through whatever site you specify.

Well thank you so much for taking your time to try and help out. Much appreciated
I can't solve your problem, but you might ping the OP's of some of the other threads. That'll get you people who both have the machines and are willing to mess with them a bit.

I'm not familiar with these machines, are air lines used for constant airflow, or for movement?
If constant airflow, does it matter much which one is which?
If just for movement, can you command a movement and see which port the air comes out of?
I am also not a MicroVal expert by any stretch, but I think the air is only for floating the moving parts on air bearings; however, there is probably some flow control built into the air routing, depending on the loads various air bearings are supposed to see. The
Guess I’ll pay a technician as I’ve run out of time to do this myself. Good news is the cost for him will pay for itself quickly when it’s up and usable.