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Dec 13, 2002
Benicia California USA
So thought i would share my latest,longest project.
More years ago than i want to think about, i got a call from a board member who was pretty despondent. He was in the process of moving his "flip head" FP3NC using a rental truck fitted with a lift gate.
Lift gate was reputed by the rental agency to be rated to lift the machine. During the lift one of the hinge pins failed, dropping the machine.


(sorry about the poor quality photo)

Owner was so upset that he just wanted to be out of the machine.....
I agreed to ship the machine to my home and thus began an extended overhaul.

So began a very long process to repair this machine for my home shop use.
Now to be fair, i was not in any hurry. I was working , and had the unrestricted use of my shop at work, including a nice FP4NC , and FP3 , grinders, welders, lathes, tooling, material....the works
Not much motivation to finish any of the home projects, an attitude i am paying for now that i am retired.....( I definitely miss my work facilities and capabilities)

Here is the boring part...might wish to skip.....
Here is a partial list of work preformed......

All three ball screws rebuilt. The "X" was done by "Express Ball Screw Repair" the "Y, and Z were done by me, new grade 20 balls (balTec) preload set on the split nut (Y)
All three Heidenhain scales rebuilt, cleaned with new seals fitted checked for correct output and certified (A-Tech Authority)
All bearings in the main gear box replaced with new grade ABEC 5 bearings (for gear shafts)
Two of the gear shafts pre-ground, hard chromed and finished (grinding done in shop: Myford) to take care of shafts that showed signs of the bearings working (dreaded red rust stains)
Horizontal spindle re-rollered, new thrust bearings. New rotary seals, both hydraulic cylinders.
Main vertical ways (Z) reground. (Schaffer Grinding, LA) No gauling on the box ways on this machine! Vertical box ways too hard to re-scrape, which was a beg surprise, the reason for grinding....
All machine ways, rescraped. New Turcite applied and fitted to compensate for material removed in scraping. All axis geometry tested and adjusted (scraping) using 14" certified/calibrated granite square (Standridge)
Anchor points for all three ball screws aligned and re-pinned to compensate for scraping....
Thrust bearings on the "Z" ball screw replaced.
Bearings on the "Y" drive replaced.
Support bearings on the "X" servo replaced
Thrust bearing ,"X" (Deckel specific) reground
New rollers for the "X" thrust....
Shift motors removed, shift cams removed everything cleaned and lubricated....
New check valving on hydraulic system (holds pressure well, does not cycle very often)
New lubricating pump (original smashed)
LCD display on control
Upgraded NSV 56 (Wrench)
Rebuild of chip pan, panels replaced, power coated. Yet to be fitted.
New way wipers, replaced internal "Y" rear wipers
Output of all feed checks on lube system tested and verified.
Side panels replaced from a scrapped machine (Mud) Originals smashed.
"pop-up" bolt sockets made new with new springs for vertical flip plate.(this seems to be a common problem, where springs get mashed when making up the bolts)
New gear shift cam made and fitted for the flip head in/out gear. This seems to be a weak spot have seen this part fail on several machines.

Lots of misc. detail jobs. I often replace hardware if it appears to be worm or the socket (Allen) is getting rounded from use....
Have posted a number of specific jobs on this project, so here is the important part, The finished job.......................................................





Thanks to all that helped me with this project.
Cheers Ross
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Beautiful job Ross… scraping and turcite too.. esp satisfying for before and after contrasts
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Wow wow wow! I remember that story, felt very sad for the guy. I’m sure he feels better now and looks like you have an awesome got a new machine
You set a very high bar sir, I think you could easily qualify as a miracle worker. I actually cringed when I saw the first pictures of that poor beast... Jim