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Old Tools, don’t know what they are


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I have recently been gifted a level but do not recognize the brand name, nor have been able to find anything about it online.

Text on it reads:
HELU (logo)

Fine Adjustment

It has an increment legend in the center below the logo and bubble.

A picture would be easier obviously but I don’t see a way of posting a photo on this thread. Any insight is much appreciated.
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Doubtful it's HELUKABEL (Germany or USA). Taratura means "calibrations" in Maltese. Don't speak the language nor ever want that kind of a dog.

So probably HELU MEASURING INSTRUMENTS - Phone +356 21 48 53 68, address U B 3 Industrial Estate SGN 09 San Gwann, Malta. Corporate records show filings 1992-2012 so maybe out of business. Status shows Inactive. There was a published government notice call on the company to get back to the government for "Income Tax Act" issues in 2018, so who knows. Pretty cool that San Gwann has only one (1) square mile of city and it's own Mayor. Indis Malta operates and manages that industrial zone and can be reached at (+356) 2226 4400 to ask if it's still around.

Sept 2003 article Times of Malta: "Helu Measuring Instruments, an Italian precision instruments factory in San Gwann, has dismissed five of its nine employees because of the "critical" situation it has been facing in orders since the beginning of the year. The General Workers' Union said it did its utmost to prevent the dismissals so much so that it proposed a shortened week to safeguard the jobs. However, the company's situation continued going from bad to worse and the dismissals could not be avoided.

The average age of the affected workers is over 45 years."
(Sadly. Sounds. Familiar.)