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Omniturn GT-75 WTB


Jun 7, 2011
southeast PA
Hi, I am looking for a used but operative Omniturn GT-75
Any help would be appreciated.
I am located in southeast Pennsylvania
Thanks, Jeff
"operative" can mean a lot of things. Suggest that when you find one you are interested in buying you call the factory and give them the serial number of the control and they can tell you a lot about the machine. G3 or G4 control, C-axis or not, floppy drive has it been upgraded, etc. I have 3 machine, two kits on Hardinge lathes and a GT 75. My GT 75 was well used so I upgraded to the new G4 comtrol and added a C-axis to the machine. Do about anything I want to do now. You can't beat Omni's service. Got a problem or question give them a call and they will help you with it. Great to work with!