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Omniturn GT-75


Aug 15, 2017
Any one have a Omniturn with G4 controller? Need to know if there's a way to get around that annoying two button cycle start B.S.
Any help would be great.
Thanks ,Bob
What Newt said. It's a physical two-switch connection. In order to get the signal through, one switch has to be disabled and bypassed. There's no way to do it in the controller or software.

Jumper, Jumping, Jump is a common term in electrical applications for essentially connecting two things. Often in the context of providing an electrical path past something, such as a switch in this case.

There should be two wires going to each switch. Choose the switch you want to disable, remove the two wires and connect the with solder and heat shrink or a crimp. Or depending on the wiring, you may be able to just take the wire coming to the switch from the control and move it to the other button, deleting the wire that previously connected the two buttons.
I have older Omniturn conversions. The second one has an accessory box with the 2 button start, emergency stop and a button each for opening and closing the collet. Both machines have a push to start button on the control, we have only used the single push to start button on the control.

So the question is, does the G4 control not have that button on the control? Does it have 2 buttons that have to be pressed simultaneously?
So the question is, does the G4 control not have that button on the control? Does it have 2 buttons that have to be pressed simultaneously?

-The G4 control has the narrow, black keyboard on the control box, flanked by two pairs of buttons.

The upper one on either side is a green "start" button, which must both be pressed at the same time to start, the left side lower has a collet open/close rotary switch, and the lower right hand is a red "motion stop" button. (Which simply pauses it in place, and from which you can continue, unlike the normal E-stop.)

I understand safety and why they went to a 2 button start. One of our Omniturns has a manual collet closer and the other has an accessory box on the left hand side to open and close the collet. Both have the single cycle start on the control which is on the right. If I was going to modify a G4 control for efficiency, I would make the one furthest away from the collet control the active button. Better yet would be to make a separate box with the collet open and closed buttons on the left side. That will allow you free use of your right hand to unload and seat the next part against the stop before closing the collet. Best efficiency, length control and concentricity that way.

Early on I had a trainee push the cycle start button then load the part in the collet then start the lathe spindle. The Omniturn would display a start the spindle message till he completed loading and hit the forward lever. That was the only time I remember raising my voice at an employee. I then showed him that the spindle encoder only has to show 1/1000 of a revolution in spindle motion to allow the slide to start moving. GRRR! I could not see how is unsafe proceedure saved time motion or anything, he just wanted to be different.