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Ongoing unrest in Russia


Oct 23, 2010
Maryland- USA
It apparently is a coup is in progress.
Prigozhin is headed north with force and defense forces are amassing in Moscow.
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The ongoing unrest in Russia, people losing children to war, and oligarchs losing their toys are reasons to doubt Putin.​

But it seems many countries are lately going bonkers.
A cleansing may be in the making...a big war to reduce the population by 50%. or what.

Ukraine is/seems a cash cow for crooked politicians, highly liberal, and into woke and the like. Russians more conservative. Possible after the big war, it will/may be called the Gay Rebellion.
The family seems to hold people together, which is under attack by every notion to make people dislike others.
Shoot everyone who doesn't like grinding wheels may be the only answer.
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Let's hope he get's his ass handed to him, he is worse than Putin.

In his statement he says he will “return to the frontlines to defend Russia” after this.
Not a cheerful statement and underwriting to party line of a necessary war..

of Defence:

"PMC Wagner Commanders' Council made a decision: the evil brought by the military leadership of the country must be stopped.

They neglect the lives of soldiers. They forgot the word "justice", and we will bring it back.

Those, who destroyed today our guys, who destroyed tens, tens of thousands of lives of Russian soldiers will be punished.

I'm asking: no one resist. Everyone who will try to resist, we will consider them a danger and destroy them immediately, including any checkpoints on our way. And any aviation that we see above our heads.

I'm asking everyone to remain calm, do not succumb to provocations, and remain in their houses. Ideally, those along our way, do not go outside.

After we finished what we started, we will return to the frontline to protect our motherland.

Presidential authority, Government, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Rosgvardia, and other departments will continue operating as before.

We will deal with those who destroy Russian soldiers.

And we will return to the frontline.

Justice in the Army will be restored. And after this, justice for the whole of Russia.”

If the reporting is accurate things are coming apart fast.
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And I think that guys dressed as women either in sports or school bathrooms are as big a problem as any. Yet I keep them off this MACHINIST site.
Per the rules this thread should be deleted because it is not machinist related, it is not problem solving. it IS "political" and also a of a chit chat nature that Milicron used to lock threads for all the time.
Got to agree with Rob on this one. As I understand it, threads are supposed to be allowed to run toward a political topic during the course of discussion as it affects your machining business. Not supposed to be started just to chitchat about a political issue or worldly events as the main subject. Not my section though.
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I'm going to let this thread continue for now. For one thing to prevent a bunch of other threads form popping up in other areas. For another we do have some Russian members and I would be interested to hear some insights from some folks who are actually affected. Its clearly labeled, if you aren't interested don't read it.

That being said, keep all the discussion on topic and civil. If it devolves into the typical red v blue politics, or any other sort of bullshit I will shut it down and hand out warnings.

Please treat this topic with respect. Keep in mind the most of the guys involved are just like you and me really just concerned about putting food on their tables, and would undoubtedly rather be at home with their families.

I would counter some of the posts to a degree.

The geopolitical landscape in Eurasia is critically relevant to manufacturing is Europe and the U.S.
Significantly the relationship of India, China and Russia today are going to shape the future for decades to come.
We are experiencing immense challenges to global stability and alliances.
True enough though- these events will not effect my shop.