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OPC Interface experience

Mike RzMachine

Cast Iron
Feb 4, 2007
I'm putting together an automated inspection system and want to integrate my measurement data path into the automation controller. I'm looking at using an Omron NX102 series which meets my needs on the hardware interface side. I'm trying to get my head around how OPC works, especially on this controller which has an integrated OPC server. I'm also not committed to this hardware, but other options require a standalone OPC server software seat which looks to cost more than the controller itself. I'm running into some confusion with the OPC "Standard" which does appear to be standard, but different functions are listed on certain servers and not others.

My questions specifically:
1) How have you implemented commands issued by the system running the OPC client? I'm looking to command the automation controller to execute a routine that is pre-programmed in the motion controller.
2) How to have the client computer make changes to parameters within the pre-programmed routine such as speeds, positions, etc. prior to executing the routine.
3) Is OPC fairly robust in terms of connection and data flow? This connection is not part of the safety critical system. Safety is managed completely in the automation controller.

Thanks and I look forward to your experience,