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Opinion on OMTech K-40 Laser Units?

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May 12, 2018
Are Offshore K-40 Laser Just a Waste of Money?

Hello. I have a very nice Epilog CO-2 laser cutter that works beautifully. I'm going to be needing a laser machine that is strictly an engraver. I have a tiny shop and a limited budget.

I know this question gets asked a lot in forum, but forgive me if I ask it again.

Are the Chinese CO-2 machines between $500-1000 more trouble than they're worth? That's about my max budget right now. Am I fool for even considering one? It's okay to tell me so.

I see these machines all over the place, and the price is attractive of course. I'm thinking that Amazon might have a blowout price on one of these for Black Friday, thus the timeliness of my inquiry.

So give it to me straight. How bad are these things? Are you just throwing your money away?

I appreciate your honest opinions. This is not a desperate or immediate need, so I'm just thinking ahead.

Thank You,
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