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Opinions/Guidance on Three Jaw Chucks


Nov 17, 2008
It is threads like this that my peers piss me off the worst.

Everyone is the first to bitch about imports taking everything over (especially in the market that they serve) but when they are sourcing an item, they are all about the cheapest, or at least cheap-er.

And this is why the old name brand chucks are done, and their name stamped on some import unit.

I am not sure what Buck's story is currently?
I believe that Hardinge owns them, but I don't recall where they are making them?

But one that I know for sure - is Kalamazoo (Michigan) Chuck Company.
They doo import some as well as y'all are all about cheap, but they also offer Made in USA chucks as well.
They started as Made in USA and added the imports along the way.

I have several of them. 10" through 15" I think.
3 and 6 jaws.

These chucks only offer 1 pinion in most cases. This pisses me off most of the time, but that IS what will get you the best repeatability, so I git it.


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KCM offers repair service on the old Made in USA Bucks as well. They re-ground the bell mouthed jaws on my 6" 6-jaw, and did the body as well. Very nice work, for a reasonable fee. Good folks.


Aug 27, 2002
West Unity, Ohio
See, your kalamazoo chuck would be wasted on me because from the very first time I was taught to use a lathe, I was taught to never even try that stuff. And this was all before there were any imports, with who knows what brands (tho I am pretty sure the six-jaws were Buck) because we would never even consider just turning a part around and expecting the chuck to be perfect.

I don't have the beginnings of a clue what the runout was on any three jaw I've ever owned :)

Now collets you expect to run concentric, but a three-jaw ? No way jose.

I have no clue what "stuff" you were taught not to even try.




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Apr 14, 2018
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I have no clue what "stuff" you were taught not to even try.
Turning a part around in a three-jaw and expecting it to be concentric. That's what collets are for. If it won't go in a collet, then indicate it in somehow.

I have a really hard time getting excited about a lathe chuck. Late model American ? You bet. Devlieg ? drool. K&T 1015 ? Michigan ShearSpeed, L301 Liebherr ? All day long.

But a chuck ? That's like getting excited over a pair of chopsticks.


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May 5, 2009
New Jersey
Hijacking my own thread. The question now is what to do with my old chuck? I am thinking I could use it on my rotary table or dividing head?