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May 30, 2024
New Cumberland
Is or has anybody ran into any problems with osg 3 flute tsc drills? specifically the 561046911 15/32 and/or the 661046817 15/32. I am drilling through 2.5" of 1018 steel, osg's recommended rpm is 2650 which is what I am currently running it at, but when I have the federate at their lower limits of the recommended feed rate the drill chatters and the hole ends up .020 oversize. When I use their higher recommended federates then the drill will lead off roughly .006. I have tried running it with a spot drill and this did not have any affect. If anyone has any experience with this or ideas on it let me know.
are your chips breaking or are you getting strings? Stringy chips packing the hole could be pushing your drill around causing the drill to cut oversize. 1018 sucks to drill, you may need to peck or add dwells or feed harder.
Sounds to me you aren't gittin' good chip evac...............1018 can sometimes bring the suck.............even many times with cobalt or HSS drills holes are all wallered out...........never seemed to big of an issue with carbide drills though......but again, I only use 2 fluters.
Chips sticking to the cutting edge? how many PSI TSC and how rich/good is the coolant?
And yeah, kinda want to make sure it's held good and low/no run-out.