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OT: ADMNISTRATOR or Others: Need Help With Posting on Original ID.


Nov 14, 2016
Western USA
OT: Need Help!

I recently changed my email on all of the sites that I visit. My original ID is Newman109. Since changing about a week ago I've not been able to post or view any photos. I get a message that I don't have permission to do so.

I've contacted one of the administrators on PM but apparently the messages do not go through. I made this ID a long time ago so that I could ask for assistance if needed.

I've examined all of the issues on my email and profile area and nothing has been changed other than the email address. I had to change emails because of a major hack on the old email that opened me up to more than 100 junk emails per day.

I've been on PM since 2006 so I hope someone can help me get this fixed.

Thanks in advance.