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OT-Any USA made 1" ratchet straps??


Mar 6, 2003
Hampstead, NC-S.E. Coast
and that was the end of all civilized discourse.

please, gents, do try to stay on topic!

Thanks for the correction. I have really gone off topic and, perhaps, the deep end. Sorry all for my off topic ranting. It really was not my intention or original desire.
I obviously took advantage here to vent on issues not at all relating to what this outstanding forum is about. Please accept my sincere apology.


Dec 21, 2012
Brisbane Qld Australia
I wish Id saved the series of pics the BP safety comittee presented to Col on the state of our lifting slings at the refinery......Pic of wire ropes with knots....pics of fabric slings knotted with white filament out of tears......four torn fabric slings tied together to make one extra long sling.....Col.s....thats for towing ,thats for towing,towing,towing..........Then there was the hundreds of pics of the big forklift and cranes........Her indoors saw the report and pics and said it was disgraceful I should work for such a place,and she shredded all the report so no one could see it.....Women cant understand what men do and never will.


Jan 2, 2013
Gilbert, AZ
Here is the youtube page for the guys selling those straps, they do off road recovery and....

While Matt probably invented? Started? this new Off-Road Recovery genre, and has the biggest beginning role in its super fast growth and popularity.
Rory Irish is the "real" off-road recovery expert. Rory's YouTube:

Rory's skills for that job are just way out there in front of the pack. And, he is one hell of a driver. Even better, I have seen many people say he is one of the best spotters in Moab.
The spotter is the unsung hero out there!
I would personally give Paul Cox from "Fab Rats" 2nd place.

I've been watching all those guys since they started their channels. I love that stuff. Recoveries was always one of my favorite parts of wheeling.
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Sep 14, 2008
Amateurs compared to my buddy Ron, he was pulling race trucks out of impossible situations in Baja back to the days of the Ford Rough Riders.

We pulled a Baja Bug for about 30-40 miles on one of the roughest parts of the Baja 1000 course with his Raptor at almost (Baja Bug) race speeds to get it to the next pit so we could fix it and get it running again.


Big difference between recovering yahoos who get in over their heads in a jeep, and recovering and repairing in Baja where every minute counts, your in the middle of NOWhere, it's pitch black, freezing cold, and you haven't slept for two+ days.

Of course there's cold beers, fish Tacos and the whores in the Paris strip joint at the end of the ordeal.


Cast Iron
Jan 13, 2009
West MO
The OP commenced with attempts sourcing domestic made webbing and hardware ratchet straps, 2012.
Not long after, posts focused on demise of US manufacture, mostly directed at corporate greed, unions, and yet little about politicians outside Obama.
I'll remind those Machine Tool Bluebook subscribers recall article predicting issues to befall economy should legislation for offshoring be enacted, IIRC 2001. Persons contributing material for editorial, were those in manufacturing, especially regarding machine tools, materials, industrial goods, little if any consumer goods (which are ALL downstream of first 3).
So, compare who declared the warning, and who neglected it? Don't forget target of lobbyists in your calculations. Add (multiply?) which have increased personal wealth far beyond their salaries, in record time.