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OT - floor tile decoupling systems?

almost half a century ago :)
(or maybe more accurately) "more than 4 decades ago"
i set a lot of tile back when we (me plus employees) still did full renovations mostly in the DC area.

fast forward to putting a hall floor in here at our own house for my poor patient wife....
Suddenly now days, there are all kinds of decoupling systems out there, most arguing they are better.
Since the subfloor is wood, I like the idea of waterproof in the hall (& maybe later kitchen) it seems that Schluter Ditra might fit the bill. It has a lot of fans & is available in big box stores everywhere.

OTOH, i'm more impressed with Blanke Permat, the non-waterproof version with multi-layers of reinforcement.
But then it would require an additional waterproofing membrane under it such as Shluter Kerdi. But that might not be too bad, since the wet area is small, just in front of the door.

Yes, i have been reading and looking at videos over the past few weeks.
Anyone have recent (preferably professional) experience or preference for any system out there?
Natural stone large format slate &/or marble, 3/8" thick.

I specified Ditra when we had two bathrooms renovated, because of hydronic heat. The tile contractor seemed happy enough to use it, and there have been zero issues. Tiles are 24x12. I am specifying it for all tile areas in a further upcoming renovation, some of which will include 48x24 tiles.
Blanke permat was the one i really wanted to compare, get some opinions on, but the options ended up being Laticrete Stratamat, vs Shluter Ditra vs a blue option similar to Ditra except i was less impressed with the voids. I always used Laticrete products in the "old days" mostly because before the decoupling systems were developed, even before the cement backer boards, Lata-poxy let me sleep at night. :) It had absolutely no decoupling as is now understood, and hence very little resistance to crack transfer from below, you had to build that into the subfloor system. But it didn't let go once installed.

Anyway, a choice had to be made. I wanted waterproofing, which Stratamat does not have intrinsically, you have to supply a separate membrane. Ditra has finally developed a modified mortar which will work with their impermeable mat, which had been a concern. Latapoxy system was cheaper even though their mortars are among the highest rated. Except adding a Kerdi membrane in the wet areas brought it up similar cost, vs Ditra with just Kerdi taped seams. Ditra seems to be the median go-to solution in widest use and has good customer support, so that's what came home with me.

Back to making mouldings.
Will report on the bonding experience :) when it happens.