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OT: GM rear hub assembly disassembly.


Jul 2, 2019
I have a pair of late 80's Chevy Citation rear hub assemblies I bought used to re-purpose for a trailer axle. which has now been in trouble-free service since 1990. I was concerned the grease is getting old so I pulled them to disassemble, clean, inspect, and lube.
They appear to be a simple pressed together stub axle, bearings, hub, and retaining ring. My evil cohort tried pressing them apart, and even after removing the "retaining ring" says they won't budge.
All the Auto Forums say they can't be disassembled, and even uttered the universal challenge words to all "Red Blooded Machinist Types"...."IT'S IMPOSSIBLE".... without any further explanation. Anyone know what's so special (if anything) about these, other than we need a bigger press?
I had planned on single pointing some threads, keyed lock-ring, and nut to reassemble.
I've already ordered a new pair of hubs, so this is now just the need to see what's inside, a recurring insatiable lust that has plagued and driven me since early childhood.

"Curious Dave"