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OT, How to open a .GRP ladder file?


Feb 27, 2019
I am working on a retrofit 3000M controller to replace the Meldas M0 on my older Leadwell 550E VMC. I pulled the parameters, settings and ladder directly from the machine and would like to edit it at my computer to have a backup to test and make sure the tool changer works correctly to download back to the machine. The ladder is 1600 rungs of code to go through and the documentation is fairly good. The ladder came out as Ladder01.GRP file. Properties says its a Microsoft Program Group file but i don't know of a program to open this kind of file. I tried RSlogix and Automation direct's Do more designer but neither would recognize the file extension. Hex editor will open it sort of and i can see some I/O but not enough to edit it. If anybody has any ideas on programs i would greatly appreciate it.
Mitsubishi PLC, you will need their software to edit. I think the name of the software is Melsec, but not sure
The company that makes the 3000m controller sent me the PMC ladder engineer software to edit the ladder on my PC. It looks like a good kit for a retrofit so far.