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OT Item Lost in International Shipping


Dec 21, 2005
Waukesha, WI
After thousands of ebay transactions I finally had one go bad. Bought an item from a seller in Australia. Says he’s got 4 more am I interested in those. Sure. So I pay in two separate paypal payments, one through ebay and the other separately for the other 4. Guy packs everything together and ships. Package arrives with one end torn open and no parts inside.

Does the post office have a lost and found? Good luck I know. Does customs have a lost and found? I suspect customs because there is customs tape over the torn area.

I’ll visit the post office tomorrow. What recourse might I have here? Total value lost is about $400 so I won’t be hiring lawyers or private detectives.

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Jan 31, 2011
BFE Nevada/San Marcos Tx
I think the "lost and found" is the dumpster behind whatever facility they arrived at loose, pretty sure your only option will be the insurance, I have never had success with them finding an item that is no longer in its packaging. If there is insurance, not sure about international shipments, but normally it is up to the sender to file for reimbursement.


Oct 29, 2010
Dewees Texas
I have had extra parts added to a package. I guess they just swept the table and floor and put every thing in my package. Just odd fasteners that were unrelated to the items actually shipped. Package was from Mexico.

You do not have to throw it in the dumpster just put in someone else's box and let them do it for you.
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Jan 25, 2005
Victoria, Texas, USA
Had a medium flat rate box break open during shipment. When I received it someone stuff a box of contact lenses in my box along with a USB battery and taped it shut. Funny thing was the stuff I bought was still in the box. Same seller shipped a box to me, never received the shipment. Seller refunded me my money.

Talking about the dumpster behind the post office, UPS, or Fedex terminal. A close friend of mine works for one these companies. He has brought home everything from solid brass bars, machine parts, to unidentified widgets that he has shared with me. All I can say is the seller, regardless who they are, does not pack the box well and wrap it good with fiber string tape, it stands a chance of busting open. In the handling terminals where the freight is handled, boxes are loaded on conveyors that take it way up in the air 20 to 30 feet up where it takes a ride to the conveyor it gets kicked off onto. If it gets hung up or hit by another box, it sometimes is ejected over the side boards of the conveyor and down 20 to 30 feet to ground floor. It's picked up, continents falls out, box is tossed in the trash, or if some of the continents is still in the box, it's sealed and put on the next truck to its destination.


Oct 29, 2017
I bought a 5/8" shaft 3' in length a long time ago and received an empty oversized box with a 5/8" hole in it. The shaft showed up a few days later. But our UPS guy is great and noticed the box was empty and with a hole and made a note of it, and luckily it happened locally and they found it.

Was totally the fault of the seller on that one.

He also would write apologies on how beat up certain packages were and that he would find out what happened. I eventually told him I bought Amazon warehouse stuff and the packaging was damaged before it even shipped to me.

Fish On

Hot Rolled
Feb 23, 2014
Mobile, Alabama
You'll have recourse for the one you bought through ebay, the other 3 may be tough.

Go to ebay, file an item significantly not described case (don't do item not received, as tracking shows you did receive something). At one time, there was a specific spot under significantly not described for you to click empty box.

Pictures of the damaged packaging would probably help.

As for the ones you bought separately, and open the same case, but on your Paypal page. I don't remember the specific button names for that.

Typically ebay and Paypal both will side with the buyers, unless you have a history of claims, so chances are you're okay, but the ebay one will likely be easier.

In any case, do not tell one about the other case - they were two separate transactions, treat them as such. The fact that both transactions used the same tracking number is irrelevant, given that one claim is with ebay, one with paypal.

Tony Quiring

Nov 5, 2008
Madera county california usa
Hopefully it was insured.

Start with asking seller to issue full refund for all costs.

Copy yourself on any and all emails so you have easy time stamped documents.

Be sure to remind the seller that he needs to file the insurance claim to recover his loss as the transaction is not complete until you receive the item.

Give him a couple business days to do this and advise you will have your bank reverse all charges as well as the PayPal mess if needed.

If you need to contact the bank your copy received of the email you sent is proof of trying to resolve.

Seller should have properly packed items so his problem not yours.

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