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OT - Mild rant about the price of used cars, and where to even find them?


Mar 21, 2006
Got several letters from the dealer I bought my 2018 Canyon from stating the value of my truck was very high and for 12.5k out the door I could trade for a 2022 same model. Had no intentions of trading, but when I bought mine the trans started acting up after 1,500 mi. Seems that GM had a class action suit against them for the 8spd

Seems to have been the trans fluid. The cheap converter clutch tears up and trashes the valve body. The fluid change stopped the shudder and may have fixed it but I got to thinking that a four year newer vehicle surely they have solved the problem. Besides I noticed that the left ft tire was a little low next thing the right will soon follow, time to trade!

Go to the dealer check book , title and letter in hand. The sales man seemed dumb founded, only had 2 Canyons a Denali and a stripped work truck, niether interested me.
After several e-mails to the sales manager next week and no response I went on line and found just what I wanted down in Green Cove. This one has a 100k power train warranty.Made the deal for 13,5.

When I was looking on line the Orlando dealers wanted an extra 3/4k over list for their trucks.
I looked on line to see what the dealer wanted for my old truck, 32,5. I paid 34 for it. If they can get that they made a good deal. To me that is insane.