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OT: PM members Bob, BSG, Sip6a, and others. Need customs advice for bringing machinery into the US from Canada

I just talked to an officer at CBP Detroit. He said as an informal entry using Section 321 I don't need to fill out the ACE/Manifest. That form is for commerical imports. Said I can just collect item drive to the border, show receipt and I should be fine, as my thing is under $800.

Aftering having tried to find small time brokers in Detroit and having no luck I am just going to follow advice of this officer. Every Customs Broker I called either did not respond back or said I need an account with them and they do not deal with 1 time individual imports.
The supervisor calls back around 1:30 pm and tells me I need to get a Customs Broker to fill out the ACE/Manifest form. He says I can not do it my self because it requires special software that I do not have. I ask about the 1 time exemption to filling this form, to which he says only the person filling out the ACE/Manifest can request an exemption from CBP, and the only person who can fill out the form is a Customs Broker..I explain the point of me requesting an exemption to the form was so that I don't need to hire a customs broker.

I ask about the Section 321 rule about bringing things in that was below $800 not requiring a Customs Broker and listing the item as an informal Entry. He says even the Section 321 rule requires I fill out an ACE/Manifest. I mention the CBP website for Section 321 doesn't mention the ACE/Manifest. He agrees it doesn't but directs me to the below link that mentions the need to fill out this form.

Right now I am trying to find customs brokers in Detroit. None of the big companies have gotten back to me. So I need to find some small time customs broker.

The web page above says "As with all Informal Entries, no Customs Broker should be involved and the carrier will not receive an Entry Number for the shipment. At the border, the driver should be prepared to show paperwork for the shipment to the Customs Officer."