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OT pump wiring question

swamp dweller

Cast Iron
Jun 10, 2010
Central Florida USA
I'm hoping this is a easy question for someone with more electrical knowledge than me. I'm replacing one of the pumps on my hot tub. The one that runs the water thru the filter at a slow speed when the tub is not in use and will run at high speed when required for the jets when being used. There is a push button to go back and forth between the filter mode and jets. I've attached pictures of the wiring diagrams and the actual terminals on both pumps. My question is how to wire the new pump to work the same as the old one if possible or do I need a different new pump? Any help is greatly appreciated.


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Bill D

Apr 1, 2004
Modesto, CA USA
BT has it correct as long as the switch is remote not mounted internal to the motor.
I like the newer motor wiring terminal nomenclature. H,L,C. for high, low, common. rather then 2,3,1

1 is black, 2 is white, 3 is red
C is black, H is white, Low is red
Green is always ground

What is confusing you is they used black for the common lead instead of white.
Bill D
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