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OT shipping container price


May 4, 2006
northwest ARK
I haven't priced one lately. A buddy of mine bought 2 of the 20 footers back in 2017-18 for $1500 a piece.
They were really pretty nice.
He placed them about 20 foot apart and poured a slab between them, and a carport over head.
Last I heard those same containers are now $2600+ each.
There was a car lot that had a stack of 3 containers for the past 10 years.
Last summer all 3 were gone in one day.
I wish now I had bought one of them a few years ago.


Cast Iron
Feb 12, 2020
For years the price for one around me (east coast) was around $2,000, now it's double. I know there is a big shortage for the trailers for them so I wonder if the price increase has more to do with delivery than the actual container cost as I hear the ports are overflowing with containers.