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OT: Straightening Bandsaw Blade Guide


Hot Rolled
Apr 12, 2005
Brandon, MS
Putting a bandsaw back together. Was putting the upper blade guide back on and noticed that both pieces were bent.

They bent, but are still intact, so I have to believe there's some chance of bending them back. Would I be better to bend them back individually or bolt them together and bend them back together? I have to figure they got bent together.

What are these things made out of? Cast aluminum? Pot metal? Whatever it is, it's not magnetic.

Would heat help?

I'm believe that a steady, firm pressure to bend them back would be better than whacks with a hammer.

Anybody ever done this before? Any tips or tricks? I saw an aftermarket set of guides on eBay that said they fit this saw, but I believe they used one of the original guide pieces, so it would have to be straight. And I just ordered cool blocks for the original guides this week, so I'd like to fix them if possible.



Mar 5, 2009
California, USA
My humble experience is to expect them to crack when bending back. Heat ?? Even if they get bent back you're not sure if an internal stress will cause a piece to break off later.