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OT Trouble texting with Android phones


Oct 29, 2010
Dewees Texas
I have a couple of questions about texting from Android phones. I am not sure if the issue I am having is in the nature of Android phones are there is some unknown to me way to change a setting to fix the problem.
Sometimes no matter how carefully I press a letter on the screen it will draw a blue line to an adjacent or distant letter and display the wrong letter or series of letters in my message. On my back up phone that I use to text my fiancée it will start doing that and sometimes I can get out of the messaging and come back and it will act right. When this happens the back space key will type m, k or I. I can keep pressing the backspace key and get rows of those letters without a single back space happening.
On my work and fire dept phone (Cat 22 flip phone) most of the time it acts up doing the same stuff. I have found no option in either phone that will turn off this "feature" when they act up. The only redeeming feature of the Cat 22 phone so far is it as rugged as a brick, and you cannot hurt it even though I want to hurt it when it is cutting up while texting.
:-) Good luck with your problem. I'm just starting to figure out how to Text, never have figured out the Phone part. It's a great camera, calculator, clock, flashlight, and a few other things. The key-board is way to small for my fingers. I need to find one of those stylus things that have a small end on it, all the ones I find are large things. Maybe some day I'll "get it". :-)
That blue line is swipe texting. You are able to drag your finger over the letters of the word you want to write and the phone attempts, usually successfully, what words you're writing.

I understand there is a way to disable the feature. You may like it though after allowing it, and yourself, some time to become acquainted.
Click on the gear icon with the keyboard open. There is a menu item for enabling/disabling the swipe to text.
Disabling all the swipe features has helped the Cat phone immensely.
Thanks for all the help. Now it is so easy with both phones.
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