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OT: why do we pay sales tax for shipping charges


Jul 6, 2004
N. GA- 33.992N , -83.72W usa
you just shut up and live with it . these assholes make the rules. don't like it- move to a new state.
i hate it , but corruption is now impenetrable . too deep in the hooplah .

i'd move, but the better places are either too hot or too cold for my old ass .

there's little room for justice and good deeds.

anyways.. i don't want to pay sales tax on a USPS priority mail pre-paid envelope .

those flat-rate parcels are already paid for , taxed , whatever . so, they're re-selling shipping?

i suppose that's the tactic here- nobody complains? too dumb to care , don't bother to scrutinize the
bill. if you sell online it affects your clients and overall sales . maybe just eight percent?
that 8 adds up fast . your buyers notice .

why do we have to keep adding stamps?