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OT: Wire Coiller


Hot Rolled
Apr 12, 2005
Brandon, MS
Anybody ever had any experience with a wire recoiler?

We buy wire in 1000' or 2000' spools. This wire varies from 14 ga to 20 ga stranded copper insulated wire. I'm looking for a machine that will pull the wire off of the big spool, measure the length, and roll it into various lengths from 15' to 40'. And I'd like the recoiled wire to be spool-less (no core, just wire).

Sounds simple, and I see a few possibilities, but I'm really not sure on the terminology for these machines. Bench mounted or free standing would be fine. It seems that I can't find a machine that is built small enough to do the size wire in the lengths I'm looking for.

Would be doing about 3,000 of the respools annually. I had in mind a price of around $2,000. Can I get something that will work for that?


Oct 18, 2005
Had one at a supplier I once worked at, I think "Ideal" makes them. Was hand crank with a mechanical length counter.

collapsing coil holder is the part you wind onto.

I'm sure someone make a powered "set your length and walk away" set-up, with that collapsing